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Professionals Filing in 2018

By FInancial Solutions Of California | February 21, 2018

If you’ve had preparation for tax season in the front of your mind for all of 2017, receipts and all, good for you – you’re ahead of the game. But if you’re like the majority of professionals to file in 2018, you’ve probably given your taxes little attention. Not to worry. It isn’t too late to get ahead of the…

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Financial Solutions of California

Preparing Your Records for Tax Time

By FInancial Solutions Of California | February 12, 2018

The Home A manageable place to start collecting your tax information is right where you rest your head. Simply having the social security numbers or tax ID numbers for yourself, your spouse and any dependents living with you gets the ball rolling in the right direction. Including the tax ID number for the person or business that cares for your…

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Qualifying for a Mortgage as a Small Business Owner

Qualifying for a Mortgage as a Small Business Owner

By FInancial Solutions Of California | December 15, 2017

Having trouble qualifying for a mortgage? Many small business owners have had trouble qualifying for a mortgage ever since the “Stated Income” loan was discontinued by major banks. Ten years ago, you could simply state that you made $10,000 per month and it was taken as truth by the bank, no questions asked. But making that much and being able to…

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